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After 25 years as a dentist, I've learned a lot about people and about dental problems, and I've compiled a list of things that I've found to be true most of the time. This list of my beliefs has greatly assisted me in solving dental problems.

1. Few people actually plan their preferred dental future. Instead their oral condition "just happens to them" and usually is the result of "problem-patchwork repair" dentistry. Mouths end up in the condition they are in not by planning, but instead by a lack of planning.

2. Nobody likes having their teeth drilled, their gums poked, their mouth put to sleep, etcetera.

3. The best dentistry is the least amount of treatment that will bring your mouth to an optimal state of health.

4. Dental insurance has not kept pace with modern progressive dentistry in terms of cost or services available; as a result, many patients do not allow their dentist to help them to the best of his ability.

5. Many dental diseases are caused by bacteria, and are silent in terms of symptoms until in very advanced stages. The only way to treat this disease is to control the bacteria in your mouth.

6. People do not respond equally to the same amount of bacteria. That means that in this "unfair" life, some people who want to keep their mouths healthy and in good repair will have to be more committed than others. This commitment will be paid by time at home doing personal oral hygiene, and by time and financial investment at the dental office.

7. In general, the more work a patient does at home to maintain their health, the less the doctor will have to do. Neither can succeed however, without the help of the other.

8. The decision and responsibility to stop the progression of disease and breakdown lies solely with the patient.

9. Breakdown or loss of teeth is caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or improper biting forces. Improper self-destructive biting forces are the most common and least understood by patients. All three must be controlled in order to preserve teeth long-term.

10. There are very few problems that people bring me that can't be resolved to an excellent result with the technology and skills I have available to me, so long as the patient is committed to reach optimal health.

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